UGS Platform

The UGS Platform is the next generation of Universal Gcode Sender. It is built ontop of the Netbeans Platform which allows us to leverage its mature modular framework. This platform allows more features to be added without compromising on code quality, or being bogged down by a home grown framework. The Classic GUI is used as a library, so core features benefit both interfaces.


Platform Benefits


How to run

  1. Download and install the version of Java listed on the download page, or a later version.
  2. Download and extract the UGS Platform build from the downloads page.
  3. Go to the ugsplatform/bin directory.
  4. On Windows run ugsplatform.exe or ugsplatform64.exe.
    On Linux or Mac OSX run ugsplatform.
    Run ugsplatform executable

Connecting to the controller

Start off by connecting to your controller hardware using the toolbar at the top of the program.

Setup wizard

Do you need help configuring your hardware? In that case the setup wizard might be helpful, it will allow you to configure limit switches, homing, soft limits and calibrating your machine.

Digital read-out

The Digital read-out (or Controller state) panel displays the current status of your machine such as the work/machine coordinates, machine/spindle speeds and gcode states.

Controller state (DRO)

The panel provides the following functions:


With the overrides plugin you can tweak the running session of a gcode program in real time. You can speed up/down the feed rate, spindle and the fast movement. To use, open the menu Window -> Overrides.

Overrides window